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Apr 15, 2019

He covers University of Notre Dame Athletics for Irish 101 and Irish Illustrated, and is also the Notre Dame reporter for Fan Media. Len has also served as a reporter for ESPN Radio's "College Gameday," as a stringer for AP Sports. A lifelong Catholic, he is also heavily involved with the Knights of Columbus. He's...

11th episode, with Len Clark

Apr 15, 2019

Guest quotes:

"Faith, Notre Dame, and emerging media has really been my path for the past 35 years."

"When you walk in the classroom and you see the crucifix on every wall it's not cramming (Catholicism) into your face, it's there as a subtle reminder just to serve as a foundation for the individuals that have the...

Apr 8, 2019

A Chicago Bears’ Board Member and a Bears’ Vice President, he is the Chairman of Sports Faith International, which recognizes people who are successful in sports while leading exemplary lives. He is the author of six books (four about sports and faith) and participated in sports extensively as a...

10th episode, with Pat McCaskey

Apr 8, 2019

Guest quotes:

"God gave me the gift of writing and public speaking. He has been very, very good to me with those gifts and many other things."

"When I was seven months in my mother's womb, she received the blessing for expectant mothers."

"I am a lector at St. Mary's church and St. Patrick church in Lake Forest."


Apr 1, 2019

A former heavyweight boxer who finished with a 36-0 won-lost record (29 KOs), getting to No. 1 in the world where he would've fought for the heavyweight title but suffered a serious head injury (brain bleed). Last year he was inducted into both the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall...