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27th episode, with Tom Scott

Aug 5, 2019

Guest quotes:

"The way I really see sport is, it's always been my number one communication tool with God. He's always pointed out to me where I can improve my life in becoming a better person. So, not just a better athlete."

"Sometimes that fear of losing, when sport weighs so much on athletes’ hearts, it can hinder their ability to perform at their best. So, really, my faith does allow me to let go of some of those fears of winning, losing, and just play the game to please God. So, it really is the backbone and safety net for me."

"Even while you're winning doesn't mean your faith life is strongest."

"Reach out to the saints. I think it was four years ago, exactly - four or five years ago - that I really started to build a relationship with Saint Sebastian, the patron saint of athletes, and he really just took over for me."

"Sometimes I used to wonder, 'Is sport - does it really even matter at all? Does Jesus care if I'm winning or losing or all this time that I'm spending on it?' And it took time for me to realize that, yes it actually does. It pleases Him to see His creation do something that they love to do, whatever it might be."

"Whenever I travel international, I always get an opportunity to, in another country, to meet and maybe even help someone in need - on a street corner or someone asking for food or money and I can walk right into the store right there and count my blessings and, I'm getting Gatorades for the tournament anyway, so I turn around and ask them what food they need for themselves or their families. Those are the moments too that come out just through sport."

"Something that's neat about karate is that the entire sport is built around control... In karate, if you can keep a cool head, it is such an advantage and I think my temperament, a lot that comes from my Catholic faith, helps me to stay so calm."

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