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20th episode, with Bob Fisher

Jun 17, 2019

"I did not set my first Guinness World Record until the age of 52... And, looking back, it's easy to see how the Lord puts things in your life when it's a stepping stone through life."

"The Bible verse that really sticks out with me is the parable of the talents... The parallel is... God has given us talents and it's up to us to develop those talents."

"We all are given a certain number of gifts from the Lord and we need to develop those gifts."

"We were from a large family, a family of ten, and we attended Mass. Mom and Dad were devout Catholics. They went on missions and went overseas to different places... and they wrote their own prayers."

"The endeavors are where we strive to read the Word daily and we have couples' prayer... For (my wife) and I it has been really, really good. I've been drawing much closer, religiously, to the church. Before we got into this (my wife) and I were not real good at praying together. And we really have improved on that. Having the support of other couples in your parish... it's been very, very good for us."

"Without (my wife's) support -- love and support -- throughout all this I wouldn't have any Guinness World Records... I would just be another good shooter."

"That is, I think, what gives us our greatest joy in life is being able to help others."

"I told Father Pat about it and he said, 'Oh, no problem,' he says, 'I'll say a prayer for you that day at Mass.' And immediately a sense of calm came over me... It just made a tremendous difference."

"We know God's in control and we know God is guiding us but we get caught up in the moment and we forget."

Bob Fisher on The Tonight Show
Bob Fisher on "The Tonight Show" between Charles Barkley (left) and Jay Leno (right)