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Aug 26, 2019

He has done 52 marathons and has been a triathlete for 24 years. Back in the day he also played football and basketball. The day before this interview was recorded, he did a 240-mile bike trek from his home in Milwaukee to a Catholic school in Michigan. In addition to that journey, he also talks about a book he's...

Aug 19, 2019

He spent many years in the National Football League, as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, plus he was the offensive coordinator for both the Baltimore Ravens and the then-San Diego Chargers. He was also quarterbacks’ coach of the Washington Redskins. In addition, he has many years of experience coaching in...

Aug 12, 2019

A four-time member of Team USA for the Paralympics, winning seven medals - two silver and three bronze in swimming, and two GOLD in running. She set one world record in swimming and holds two American records in swimming. In all she has amassed an amazing 250 trophies from able-bodied competitions. A lifelong Catholic,...

Aug 5, 2019

A Team USA competitor in karate, he has participated in a long, long, LONG list of events ranging from Pan American Games to World Championships, the World Games, and more, having won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals nationally and internationally. He attended Texas Christian University where he met his now...

27th episode, with Tom Scott

Aug 5, 2019

Guest quotes:

"The way I really see sport is, it's always been my number one communication tool with God. He's always pointed out to me where I can improve my life in becoming a better person. So, not just a better athlete."

"Sometimes that fear of losing, when sport weighs so much on athletes’ hearts, it can hinder...