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Jun 24, 2019

The head football coach at The Catholic University of America, which is located in our nation’s capital, although he has – in his words – experienced the differences of being a practicing Catholic in seven states and the District of Columbia. He is a lector in his current parish and did so – along with being the...

21st episode, with Mike Gutelius

Jun 24, 2019

Guest quotes:

"I've landed in some other places where... be it a state school, where you weren't even allowed to talk about God because that could be seen as some sort of endorsement."

"I had to, carefully, without offending anybody, walk through the fact that what we wanted to receive was the true body, blood, soul and...

Jun 17, 2019

A 25-time Guinness World Record holder for free throw shooting, he began coaching basketball in 1982. He had played high school basketball and went on to play in recreational leagues until he was 44. Born and raised Catholic, he is a member of the Knights of Columbus and joined Teams of Our Lady with his wife a couple...

20th episode, with Bob Fisher

Jun 17, 2019

"I did not set my first Guinness World Record until the age of 52... And, looking back, it's easy to see how the Lord puts things in your life when it's a stepping stone through life."

"The Bible verse that really sticks out with me is the parable of the talents... The parallel is... God has given us talents and it's up...

Jun 10, 2019

He played for the National Hockey League's Nashville Predators as well as many years with the American Hockey League's Milwaukee Admirals, plus he has been playing pro hockey overseas in Europe (Italy, Norway, Switzerland). A cradle Catholic, he played his college hockey at Notre Dame and never missed a game...