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Feb 25, 2019

Coached Team USA to the Olympic gold medal in 2004 in Athens and the silver medal in 2008 in Beijing in women's softball, but, ten days before the 2004 Games he lost his wife unexpectedly to a brain aneurysm. Now entering his 34th season as the head softball coach (women's softball) at the University of Arizona, he is...

4th episode, with Mike Candrea

Feb 25, 2019

Guest quotes

"I think anytime you're trying to strive for excellence the toughest part is to try to find that balance; balance between your family, your profession, and then for me it was my faith."

"My faith is very important to me. It was something that, at times I was missing because unfortunately in our game we play a...

Feb 18, 2019

She skied in the Winter Olympics in 2006 in Torino (Italy) and is a world champion, being a multi-sport athlete. Among other topics, she discusses peer pressure she had to stay away from in her late teens relative to partying, the deeper she moved into her skiing pursuits and faith commitment. She is also a mother of...

3rd episode, with Rebecca Dussault

Feb 18, 2019

Guest quotes:

"I'll be skiing 'til the grave. That I do know."

"One of the most defining moments was cross country skiing with our priest... and he celebrated the Mass for us while we stood on cross country skis and received the eucharist on our skis... And so I thought that, for me, was a convergence of the gift of...

2nd episode, with Kyle Schmidt

Feb 11, 2019

Guest quotes:

"Not to downplay winning a national title... It was incredible and everything I dreamed of, but, the one thing that I couldn't wait to do was get back up to Duluth and later that month become Catholic."

"There's obviously different rumors you hear about Catholicism, which, going through RCIA, you learn are...