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19th episode, with Mark Van Guilder

Jun 10, 2019

"Maybe wearing a wristband with a Bible verse or cross necklace, people kind of started approaching me about it, really. That's how it all kind of started. I'd share a wristband, I'd share something. Teammates would see me maybe sneaking off to church on a road trip."

"Play to your strengths. You have strengths for a reason. Just let your actions do the talking."

"It doesn't have to be scary, or, it doesn't have to be intimidating to kind of share your faith with people."

"Think of the people that are making sacrifices... parents... trainers... These people are making incredible sacrifices... I think it's really important to recognize these people."

"The NFL... I actually really respect those guys. You don't see a lot in hockey, opponents at the center ice praying, like after a game or before a game. You will often see that in the NFL and college football... I wish maybe the hockey culture could pick up on that a little bit as well."

"I was raised Catholic. That was just kind of, I don't remember ever not being Catholic or that not being a part of my life."

"It's so different when you don't understand a word of the Mass. You can follow along, of course, because the Mass is the same everywhere. My wife and I will follow along with the readings... But, to not be able to understand it is very different... But the people that we have been surrounded with in Italy and Norway, and now in Switzerland, have been amazing. People that don't speak English, and we're in their hometown, we're in their country, not speaking their language. But people have been so accepting, so welcoming to us... You can feel that sense of community, even with the language barrier."

"I tell myself before the game, 'There's kids watching, so, like, ya' gotta play the game with class'."

"When things don't go well or when it's difficult, your attitude, your body language does make a huge difference."

Mark Van Guilder
Mark Van Guilder